Friday, May 4, 2012

Save Money with Thrift Stores

So you guys already know Henry as the mascot for this blog - but what you don't know is that we decided to get Henry a little sister this past week.  The Humane Society of Boulder had another Chiweenie - this time a four year old female - that had a face just too cute to pass up.  We took Henry down to meet her, and it was love at first site.  So Sally has been home with us for the last week, doubling the doggy fun.

What was NOT so fun, however, is that Sally came to use with a stomach bug.  I won't go into details...but let's just say her new nickname is "Pudding Butt".  Regardless, we had to buy some new bedding for our new cuddle buddy - so we stopped by our local Goodwill on the way home from the vet.  Less than $5 later, we were on our way with four very fluffy dog quilts and blankets, barely used.

We're lucky that we live in Colorado, where everyone and their mom has a dog.  So our thrift stores are loaded with gently used dog supplies.  I've noticed travel-approved crates, stainless steel bowls, and bedding very cheap during my shopping trips to our local thrift stores.  As much as I enjoy buying my fur babies new toys and furniture - after this week's, er, explosions...I'm happy to pop in and buy some good products for just cents on the dollar of what I would have paid elsewhere.

On top of saving money, you're also helping a good cause AND saving items from the landfill!

(This post's image is brought to you by this awesome post by The Green Groove!)

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