Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sunday Coupon Preview: September 13th, 2015

This week we'll have four inserts - two from Redplum and two from SmartSource.  Here's the dog-related coupons you can look forward to. (As usual, you can expect some regional variations.)

RedPlum (#1 & #2)
Purina ALPO $1.50/1 dental chews brand dog snacks (11/13)
Purina ALPO $1.50/2 10oz+ tbonz, 32oz+ variety snaps or 24oz+ wholesome biscuits (11/13)
Purina ALPO $3/1 28oz+ tbonz, 60oz+ variety snaps or 60oz+ wholesome biscuits (11/13)
Vita Bone $1/1 biscuits box (1/31/16)

SmartSource (#1 & #2)
Milk-Bone $1/1 good morning daily vitamin treats (11/22)
Purina Beyond $1/1 dog treats (10/16) TARGET COUPON
Purina Beyond Buy dry dog food, get free 2.7oz dog treat up to $5.49 (10/16) TARGET COUPON
Purina Chow $1.50/1 4lb+ dog chow or puppy chow (12/13)
Purina Chow $4/1 16.5lb+ dog chow little bites bag (12/13)
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