Saturday, November 5, 2016

Petco 2017 Calendar - Loaded with Coupons - Now Available!

If you're a frequent shopper at Petco, you're probably aware that each year, the company comes out with a calendar filled with a handful of pages of high value coupons! The 2017 calendar is now available for purchase  for $15 in store - act quickly, because these sell out fast!  Here's a glimpse of some of the dog coupons in this year's calendar:

FREE 6-13.2oz can of Natural Balance dog food
FREE 4oz roll of Natural Balance dog food
FREE 4oz bag of Natural Balance Delectable Delights dog treats
FREE 5.5-13oz can of Purina Pro Plan dog food
FREE 8oz bag of Instinct Frozen Raw or Frozen Raw Boost Mixers dog food
FREE 0.9-1oz bag of Instinct Freeze-dried Raw Boost Mixers dog or cat food
FREE 13.2oz can of Doctors Foster + Smith dog food
FREE 0.75-0.88lb bag of Instinct Raw Boost Kibble or Ultimate Protein dog or cat food
FREE 6oz bag of Beggin' Strips dog treats
FREE Rabies Vaccination (terms apply)
$10/1 bag of Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind, Sport or Natural dog food
$5/1 bag of Purina Pro Plan Savor or Focus dog food
$5/1 bag of Doctors Foster + Smith dog food
$5/1 bag of Merrick dog food
$5/1 bag of Natural Balance dog food
$5/1 bag of Royal Canin dog or cat food
$5/1 bag of Solid Gold dog or cat food
$5/1 4-25.3lb bag of Instinct dog or cat food (excludes Frozen Raw)
$5/1 4-6lb bag of Wellness Complete Health dog food
$5/1 10-33lb bag of Eukanuba dog food
$4/1 bag of WholeHearted dog food
$4/1 bag of Nutro dog food (excludes Ultra and Max)
$4/1 bag of Nature's Recipe dog food
$4/1 bag of Under the Sun dog or cat food
$4/1 bag of Canidae Pure dog or cat food or Life Stages dog food
$4/1 bag of Halo dog or cat food
$4/1 22-30lb bag of Blue dog food
$3/1 roll of Blue Wilderness dog food
50% off 3oz bag of Instinct Raw Market dog food
50% off Purina DentaLife dental dog chews
50% off Merrick dog treats or bones
50% off Natural Balance dog treats (excludes Delectable Delights)
BOGO can or cup of Solid Gold dog food
B3G1 3.5oz cups of Nutro and Nutro Ultra dog food

That's just some of the best - there are a bunch more of lower value dog coupons, several pages of cat coupons, a page of small animal and aquatic animal coupons, and other generic pet products for use around the house! It's always worth the purchase!

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