If you're new to the world of samples and coupons, here's a list of common terms you'll find here and on other sites!

Flavor Saver - this is a new insert put out by the Dr. Pepper / 7-Up brands, similar to Pepsi's "Moments to Save" insert we sometimes see.

GM - General Mills.  You may only see one or two General Mills inserts each year, but they can be great locations for high-value food coupons!

GPT - Get Paid To.  This refers to rewards sites where members 'get paid to ___'.  This can cover a lot of things: getting paid to read emails, shop through their website portal, take short surveys, print coupons, perform search engine queries, etc.  These can be a great way to earn cash back on things you already do online.

JOH - Johnson O'Hare.  This is a food distributor that has started putting out inserts very infrequently.  You may see one a year, if you're in the right distribution region.

MIR - Mail In Rebate.  Companies will frequently offer to reimburse customers for trying their product.  These are commonly found both in the Sunday newspaper inserts or may be printed online.  Make sure to read all of the instructions and follow them exactly to receive your check!

P&G - Procter & Gamble.  P&G puts out a Sunday insert approximately once a month.  They also offer eCoupons (for your store loyalty card), free samples, and mailed coupons.  Sign up for an account through their BrandSaver website if you haven't already!

RP - RedPlum.  This is a coupon insert found frequently both in the Sunday papers as well as during the week in the mail (in some regions).  RedPlum also has digital coupons - both printable and attaching to your store loyalty card!

RR - Register Reward, from Walgreens.  One of the best places to get cheap or free items each week is Walgreens, and many times this is because you'll receive virtual currency from Walgreens after being a specific item.  For instance, there may be an offer to buy toothpaste for $2.00, which will in turn trigger a $2.00 Register Reward for a future purchase.  These Register Rewards are usually good for two weeks.

J&J - Johnson & Johnson.  J&J don't put out inserts as frequently as some of the other companies, but it's not unusual to see a few each year!

SS - SmartSource.  Another coupon insert, found frequently in your Sunday paper.

Target - Target store coupon inserts.  These are a great addition to manufacturer coupons, since you can use one store coupon AND one manufacturer coupon on one product!  Be on the look out for these gems to 'stack' them on with manufacturer coupons you have!  Target will put out both general inserts themselves, or with the help of other companies (like P&G and J&J).