Meet Sally

A few months after Henry got adopted, his humans decided to get him a little sister!  Henry's mom saw that another cute little chiweenie had arrived at the Boulder Humane Society from Utah, so everyone climbed into the car and headed down to meet her.

Sally didn't do too well in her last home; the humans discovered rather quickly that not only did she have a bad stomach bug, but that she REALLY didn't like food with grain in it.  After a quick visit to the vet and a switch to some grain-free kibble, Sally soon recovered and became a fast friend to Henry.

Sally isn't quite as affectionate as her big brother, but she's very energetic and just adores playing tug-of-war!  She does love to give her humans lots of kisses on a regular basis, and is a big fan of snuggling in the blankets early in the morning, too.  She can be a little reserved when meeting new people, but a good scratch underneath the chin is a sure start to a good relationship.

Sally loves chew toys!  She's a bit more aggressive at chewing than Henry; she quickly demolished her bed after she first moved in.  If it's got stuffing...she'll have it out and all over the floor within 30 minutes!

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